New version : moar tears

Lacrymo Tennis has a new EA-style update with Lacrymo Tennis 2018!

A few minor changes :

  • translations added (EN/FR)
  • version selection (you can play the original or the updated version)
  • new slogans
  • new protesters (bit more inclusive)
  • 2018 version has a new game mecanic I wanted to do in the original one but lacked time to do it (you have to swing your arm to remove tear gas grenades)
  • added a "back to menu" button on the game over screen ("press space" was not very useful on mobiles ^^)
  • more tear gas

Still free, still available right in your browser (so not completely like EA)



Lacrymo Tennis 2016 + 2018 (lacrymo_tennis_2018.exe) 6 MB
Aug 24, 2018

Get Lacrymo Tennis 2016 (+ 2018)

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